Impact of MMA Part D on Medicare Residents in Nursing Homes

The applicants evaluated the impact of the transfer of prescription drug coverage for dual-eligible’s (Medicare and Medicaid) living in nursing homes from Medicaid to Medicare Part D, as required by the MMA. In particular, they: 1) measured the rates of enrollment into Medicare Part D for nursing home residents from 2005 to 2007; 2) assessed the impact of Medicare Part D on overall prescription drug utilization patterns; 3) identified the major drug classes most affected by the program, including an examination of benzodiazepines and their exclusion from Part D coverage; and 4) determined the impact of Medicare Part D on overall rates of hospitalizations and falls, as indicators of quality care. The objective of the project was to better inform state and federal policymakers about the impact of Medicare Part D on drug utilization, as well as quality (measured by hospitalizations and falls).