National Security and Child Health: Reexamining the Role of Medicaid and EPSDT

What is the relationship between Medicaid and the young adults (and their families) that serve in the military? The researchers are studying this relationship. They note that this relationship is important since new recruits are likely to come from lower income families and military pay renders many families low income, increasing the likelihood that applicants and enlistees have been "touched by" Medicaid over their childhood and adolescence. In particular, the researchers are synthesizing: 1) what is known about the economic status of members of the military during their pre-enlistment lives; and 2) what is known about the healtth status of applicants and enlistees and their families. Through interviews, they are also identifying common experiences of communities surrounding five to seven of the largest military bases in terms of healthcare needs, Medicaid enrollment, and utilization. The objective of this study is to inform the policy debate regarding the budget and program design for Medicaid.