Subgroups of Working Uninsured Require Different Enrollment Strategies

December 2003

AcademyHealth--December 2003

Today, more than 41 million Americans are uninsured. Perhaps the most perplexing aspect of this problem is that many of the uninsured are employed. New research findings sponsored by HCFO highlighted in the brief, "Subgroups of Working Uninsured Require Different Enrollment Strategies," show that many specific factors affect the offer or take-up of employer-sponsored insurance, and policies to reduce the number of working uninsured might be more successful if targeted at specific subgroups of workers and employers. Vulnerable subpopulations include: adults without dependent children, Hispanic and non-citizen employees, workers in large firms, and low-income workers. Contrary to widespread belief, many employees are not uninsured due to "low demand" characteristics.