Do Consumer-Directed Health Plans Drive Changes in Enrollees' Health Care Behavior?

Health Affairs-July/August 2008
Vol. 27, No. 4
July/August 2008
Dixon, A., Greene, J., and J. Hibbard
pp. 1120-31

Using panel data from two surveys of employees at one large employer from 2004 and 2005, this paper examines consumer-directed health plans’ (CDHPs’) influence on the use of health-related information and health services. We compare enrollees in a high-deductible CDHP, a lower-deductible CDHP, and a preferred provider organization (PPO). Enrollees in the lower-deductible CDHP were more likely than enrollees in the other plans to start using information. Enrollees in the high-deductible CDHP were more likely than those in the PPO to start forgoing medical care to save money.


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