Does Enrollment in a CDHP Stimulate Cost-Effective Utilization?

Medical Care Research and Review-August 2008
Vol. 65, No. 4
August 2008
Hibbard, J.H., Greene, J., and M. Tusler
pp. 437-49

Consumer-driven health plans (CDHPs) are built on the assumption that with increased cost sharing consumers will select cost-effective evidence-based care. In this study, the authors explore whether patterns of utilization change after enrollment in a CDHP and whether the pattern reflects a shift toward evidence-based care. The study population is comprised of 18,025 employees and their adult dependents. The analysis uses a schema for categorizing claims data into high-priority (evidence-based care) and low-priority (limited or no evidence-based care) utilization. The findings indicate that enrollment in CDHPs resulted in a reduction of office visits in the 1st year of enrollment. These reductions in care appear to be indiscriminant, with patients cutting back in both high-and low-priority visits. The reductions in high- and low-priority visits were greater for employees with lower education and income.

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