Employers’ Use of Health Insurance Exchanges: Lessons from Massachusetts

October 2012
Mark A. Hall, J.D.

The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation’s HCFO program is pleased to release a report by grantee Mark A. Hall, J.D., “Employers’ Use of Health Insurance Exchanges: Lessons from Massachusetts.” Hall, a professor of law and public health in the Division of Public Health Sciences at Wake Forest University Medical School, is completing a qualitative investigation of employers’ use of the Massachusetts Connector in order to inform states and the federal government about best strategies for the design and operation of new small-group health insurance exchanges and market regulations.

Hall’s project has served as an “experiment,” designed to ensure the value of HCFO research to its end users. At the start and mid-points of the grant, Hall received guidance and recommendations from individuals involved in the RWJF State Health Reform Assistance Network. Their informal feedback on the most pressing questions facing states helped shape Hall’s project and strengthened its policy relevance.

For more information about the study, contact Mark Hall at mhall@wakehealth.edu or 336-716-9807.