Exploring State Variation in Uninsurance Rates Among Low-Income Workers

New Federalism Policy Brief--October 2003
Series B, No. B-56
October 2003
Blumberg, L. and A. Davidoff

Using data from the 1999 National Survey of America's Families, this brief provides details of uninsurance among low-income workers in 13 states. States with relatively high rates of uninsurance among low-income workers tend to have greater than average proportions of Hispanics (both citizens and noncitizens); workers in fair or poor health; and workers in agriculture and construction. The research did not find differences across states in uninsurance among low-income workers by employer size. The brief reviews uninsurance rates for low-income workers across 13 states by race/ethnicity/citizenship, health status, employer size, industry, and employment status.

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