Factors Associated with Medicaid Enrollment for Low-Income Children in the United States

Journal of Health and Social Policy
Vol. 16, No. 3
June 2003
Lin, C.J., Lave, J.R., Chang, C.H., Marsh, G.M., LaVallee, C.P., and Z. Jovanovic
pp. 35-51

This study analyzes the 1996-1997 Community Tracking Study Household Survey to identify factors associated with Medicaid enrollment for low-income children and to examine the differences between those enrolled in the Medicaid program and those who were eligible but uninsured. We estimated that 17.4% of Medicaid-eligible children were uninsured. Medicaid eligible children who were younger, African American, with single parents, with AFDC eligible parents, with no parent employed full-time were more likely to be enrolled in the Medicaid program. Children with better health status were less likely to be enrolled in Medicaid. In addition, children whose parents were uninsured were more likely not to be enrolled in Medicaid.

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