Physicians’ and Hospitals’ Varied Responses to Changes in Medicare Payment: Findings from HCFO Research

August 2014
Saha, J.

Policymakers are engaged in historic efforts to reduce the nation’s growing deficit, thus heightening the scrutiny on escalating health care costs. President Obama, congressional leaders in both parties, and other policymakers and stakeholders have proposed changes to Medicare as part of comprehensive approaches to deficit reduction. Over the next decade, Medicare spending is projected to grow more slowly than private health care spending on a per capita basis, but the retirement of the baby boom generation and subsequent influx of Medicare beneficiaries will create significant policy and fiscal challenges. Efforts to address these and other challenges require timely and policy-relevant research on the impact of changes to Medicare payment. Though not intended as a comprehensive list of all relevant HCFO-funded work, this synthesis provides a helpful guide for identifying policy-relevant research on the topic.