A Randomized Trial of Displaying Paid Price Information on Imaging Study and Procedure Ordering Rates

Journal of General Internal Medicine
December 2016
Chien, A.T., Lehmann, L.S., Hatfield, L.A., Koplan, K.E., Petty, C.R., Sinaiko, A.D., Rosenthal, M.B., and Sequist, T.D.

Prior studies have demonstrated how price transparency lowers the test-ordering rates of trainees in hospitals, and physician-targeted price transparency efforts have been viewed as a promising cost-controlling strategy. The researchers conducted a block randomized controlled trial for one year to examine the effect of displaying paid-price information on test-ordering rates for common imaging studies and procedures within an accountable care organization (ACO). They found that displaying paid-price information did not alter how frequently primary care and specialist clinicians ordered imaging studies and procedures within an ACO. The researchers suggest that those with a particular interest in removing waste from the health care system may want to consider a variety of contextual factors that can affect physician-targeted price transparency.

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